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Operating Systems

APCS can install – maintain – support – backup and upgrade a variety of operating systems.

Microsoft Windows 3.1 to 10 – Microsoft Server 2008 – 2012
Key codes – documented
User accounts – created – maintained – global settings
Internet proxy servers - Setup & Maintained
IP Address handling
Microsoft Office packages
Pegasus Accounts packages
Sage Account packages
12 PAY – Payroll software package
Scanning files – Saving – PDF
Offsite backup
Cloud solutions
Office outlook setup – user configured - signatures

Apple Macintosh – iMac
Various apps installed and configured
Time machine backups
IOS upgrades
iCloud setup & configured
Mobile Phones
Various apps installed and configured
Email address setup for on the move personnel
Email signatures setup
Mobile tracking – Lost or stolen

DOS – A classic command driven operating system used in the early 90’s.
Most people will think that this operating system is long dead.
But to this day it is still widely used throughout production factories.

Factory production machines when purchased can cost thousands of pounds and can be a huge investment to a business.
These machines need maintenance:
Software backed up – floppy & USB
Hard disks images pre-loaded in case of corruption or burnt out
D.O.S O/S reloaded and configured
DOS commands in English and German
Key files configured
Production machines Networked

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