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Electrical PAT TESTING Coming Soon to APCS

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PAT Testing - We are all now fully qualified PAT Testers - We are hoping to offer this service soon

Full Test & Inspection – A UK 3-pin plug will be opened up and wiring and fuse will be checked.
The cable from the item to the plug will also be visually inspected for breaks in the cables or the plastic sheathing has perished in any way.

The PAT testing machine will test the plug to all UK standards.
The visual inspection & machine will determine whether the item has pass or failed the test.
A full test sheet of all items / appliances / tools will be sent to the customer after testing.

Make sure all your machines are ready for the local galas – boot fairs – open days – summer fetes
Any failed items must not be plugged in when the tester leaves.
These items need to be inspected further and repaired to make safe.
Plugging in these failed items could cause electrical shock to the user / The item electrically shorting out and overheating possibly causing a fire / Invalidating your property insurance.
Extras: New UK – 3-Pin Plugs
Fuses – 3 / 5 / 13 amps
Re wiring damaged cables

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